Book Club Questions

Missing You in Atlantic City
In Missing You in Atlantic City Meg Daniels investigates a crime that took place in 1964 when the Democratic National Convention was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

How does that time and place influence events?  
1.What does your experience of the characters tell you about America in 1964? How do the characters reflect the concerns of the times?

2.Would events surrounding the crime have unfolded differently if Betty Boyle’s story took place in the current time period? 

3.Can you relate to the constrictions that Betty lived with? Do you think she would have chosen to live differently if she were born fifty years later? 

4.When Betty disappeared the world was just beginning a time of immense social change. Do you think she would have changed with the times?

5.Do you think that Johnny Angelini’s life will change when he learns the truth about his mother’s fate?

6.The testimony given by the witnesses includes a lot of details about the times. Do you recognize any of them?