Jane Kelly is the author of the Meg Daniels novels, mysteries with a humorous twist.  The books, featuring amateur sleuth Meg Daniels, are set in New Jersey beach resorts.  Meg has solved mysteries in Ocean City, Cape May and Long Beach Island. 

After almost a decade living the good life in the Bahamas, Meg returns to New Jersey with boyfriend, Andy Beck. While he works deep in the bowels of the Artistical Hotel and Casino, Meg searches for the answer to a 50 year old mystery.  Where did Betty Boyle, a seemingly happy wife and mother go after she left work on the final night of the 1964 Democratic National Convention?
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Book 2 Cape Mayhem
Book 1 Killing Time in Ocean City
Book 3 Wrong Beach Island
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For information on the historical events and music mentioned in the Missing You in Atlantic City, Widow Lady,Swoon '64 and Pretender '56 on Pinterest.
Thank you Independent Publishers for silver medal Mid-Atlantic fiction for Missing You in Atlantic City.
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