Book Club Questions

Meg Daniels Mystery Book 4:  Meg looks back to the 1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City
Meg Daniels Bonus Book (3A):  Meg goes undercover scooping ice cream on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk
Meg Daniels Mystery Book 5:  Meg searches for a coed missing after the 1968 protests at the Miss America Pageant
A Writing in Time Mystery:  A seventh grader is found dead on one of the worst nights in Philadelphia sports history
A Writing in Time Mystery: While Philadelphians are watching local girl, Grace Kelly, marry a prince little attention is given to the murder of two young dreamers
A Widow Lady Mystery: A young widow becomes an amateur detective when murder intrudes on what she believed was a neighborhood of happy families
Meg Daniels Book (3):  Meg helps Andy clear his old girlfriend of a murder charge.
Meg Daniels Book (2):  Meg grows suspicious of the other guests at here romantic B&B.
Meg Daniels Book (1):  Meg's vacation starts off bad and gets worse when her boss shows up dead.