Book 2:  Meg Daniels Spends a Winter Weekend in Cape May, New Jersey. 

In Cape Mayhem, Meg Daniels arrives in Cape May, New Jersey, for what should have been a romantic off-season weekend for two -- alone. Though unattached, Meg's courtship with trouble is in high gear.  

It seems that, overnight, a guest at the Parsonage Bed & Breakfast has undergone an impossible transformation. Suspecting foul play, Meg enlists a lively cast of characters to help her solve the problem that only she sees.

The weather is frosty, but the trail is hot as Meg and crew search for a missing dancer and the truth behind a scheme marked by imposters, infidelities, extortion, and--if Meg's hunch is right--murder in Cape May.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      GoTo Book 3
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