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About Jane Kelly
Is this is the same Jane Kelly who:
-  Grew up on Tulpehocken Street in Philadelphia
-  Spent the first three summers of her life in Wildwood Crest
-  Went to St. Athanasius grade school
-  Visited Ventnor in the summers of 1956-1958
-  Graduated from Mount Saint Joseph Academy
-  Got a BA from Chestnut Hill College
-  Received an MS from Drexel University's School of Information Studies
-  Is the daughter of Mary and Dick Kelly
-  Is the sister of Rosemary Henderson and Rick Kelly
-  Is the grandaughter of Richard & Rose O'Mullen Kelly and John & Jean McDonald Bennis
-  Spent the summers of 1969, 1973 and 1975 in Sea Isle City, New Jersey
-  Worked at Prudential in Fort Washington
-  Lived in Scottsdale Arizona in the 1970s
-  Took film courses at Boston University in the 1970s
-  Studied Japanese and History at the Harvard Extension in the 1970s
-  Studied more Japanese and Italian at NYU's SCE in the 1990s
-  Worked as a temp in many companies in Philadelphia including WIP and the Philadelphia Inquirer
-  Worked in the information industry for twenty years  (Disclosure, BRS, Cambridge and NewsBank)
-  Was chair of the ITE Division of SLA 1986-87
-  Conducted Quantum seminars for Dialog
-  Lived in DC in the early eighties
-  Lived in New Canaan, CT in the mid-eighties
-  Lived near Gramercy Park in the mid-1980s
-  Lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in the late 1980s and early 1990s
-  Spent a year in Chicago in the mid-nineties
-  Lived in Boston area three times: in the 1970s, at the turn of the century and from 2008 to 2011
-  Earned an MPhil degree from Trinity College, University of Dublin in 2008
-  Worked for Johnson Controls at theVanguard Group
-  Worked for Johnson Controls at the Harvard Medical School in the late 2000s
-  Commuted from downtown Philadelphia to New York City for JCI in 2011 - 2014
-  Worked for JLL for the Charleston Area Medical Center 2014 - 2016
-  Currently lives in Phoenixville PA
-  Serves as President of the Delaware Valley Sisters in Crime
-  Serves on the 2019 board of the New York Chapter of Mystery Writers of America
- Works on the Library Committee of Mystery Writers of New York Chapter

Answer:  Yes                                                    

Author of the Meg Daniels mysteries from Plexus Publishing
 and the Writing in Times Mysteries and Widow Lady Mysteries available for Kindle only